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Scope of Quality Control Services

Radiographic Testing

We provide a complete line of Radiographic testing services for inspecting a wide variety of materials and product forms…

Vacuum Box Test

It is a low-cost method for locating leak in non-porous materials. It is typically used to inspect non-ferrous metal, plastic or ceramic components.

Hardness test

Ms InduTech also provides Hardness Test services. Our Hardness Test services meet the highest international standards.

Heat Treatment

Ms InduTech also provides Pre-Heat And Post weld heat treatment (S.R). Our heat treatment services meet the highest international standards.

Surface Crack Test

We have a complete line of Surface Crack testing services to provide the right solution from a portable Yoke to a heavy duty Mag/De Mag mobile unit.

Ultrasonic Testing

Our Ultrasonic Testing services range from manual thickness readings to large scale automated corrosion and flaw detection thickness mapping.


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